Core Values

Real people who have a real relationship with Jesus.

The fundamental value at Happy Hill is that each person’s relationship with Jesus is the most important thing. They are free to be real people with real issues but our focus must always be on helping them have a relationship with Jesus. All of our further values are built on the importance of that relationship, to help them have and grow in their relationship to Jesus.

Real people who change.

To have an active and healthy relationship with Jesus then real people must change. Therefore we must be focused on discipleship at Happy Hill. Since we are real people our discipleship at Happy Hill may focus on anything designed to improve life, while maintaining a primary focus on personal relationship with Jesus. So discipleship can include financial, spiritual, physical, and mental health.

Real people who do life together.

God created us for community. One of the best things about being part of the family of God is that we have people to share the journey of life with. At Happy Hill we believe that to help people have a better relationship with Jesus they need to be connected and a part of an active loving community of believers.

Real people who serve.

As a person grows in their relationship with Jesus they begin to care about the things that Jesus cares about. The natural result is a desire to make a difference in the church and the world around them. At Happy Hill we want to be a church that helps people make a difference, when they see a problem they are people who do something about it. And we want to be a church that does something about the problems we see in the world around us.

Real people who share.

As real people grow in their relationship with Jesus their life improves. That becomes something that you want to share with others. At Happy Hill we believe that both as a church and as individuals we need to fulfill the great commission and be passionate about evangelism and sharing Jesus Christ with others.