Happy Hill Church exists to help real people develop a real relationship with Jesus.

Happy Hill Church exists to help the unchurched or those who are fed up with conventional religion develop a real and transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. We will create an environment where it is ok to be real by promoting authenticity and truth telling, by accepting each person as they are without judgment, and by not pretending to be any better or worse than we really are.

What does that mean?

God has called Happy Hill Church to reach the unchurched or the dechurched (those who were hurt by the church and it’s people and as a result have chosen to abandon the church and sometimes their faith). We want to reach people, who are real, who have real issues and problems, people who struggle with life and faith, people who have doubts and sin, people who are messy, and people who want to make a difference in the world but don’t know how to do it.

We want to help those people have a real relationship with Christ allowing him to change them and make them who he created them to be. Bringing glory to God through changed lives. Because when a person meets Jesus and makes him the center of their life then their life will improve because of the changes that Jesus makes in them.

At Happy Hill we are real. You don’t have to pretend here. Happy Hill is a place where you can express your fears, your hurts, your doubts, and that is ok. It is a place where you can question what you believe and where you can question the “Christian hot buttons” without fear of someone judging you. It is a place where we don’t care about making you look like a Christian; we just want you to have a real relationship with Jesus.